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24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitoring

ambulatory BP monitor

Ambulatory BP monitoring (ABPM) is invaluable to measure changes in blood pressure over 24 hours to assess


  • White coat hypertension when BP is elevated in the doctors office but normal outside of it

  • Borderline Hypertension

  • Resistant Hypertension when multiple medications are still inadequate to control BP

  • Masked Hypertension when in office measurements are acceptable but out of office measurements range higher

  • Hypotension when blood pressure is too low

 The Suntech Oscar 2 oscillometric BP monitor

  • An innovative stretch sleeve design to maintain accurate cuff placement and promote patient comfort

  • A light, compact monitor uses motion tolerant algorithms to reduce reinflations and failed readings

  • Fully programmable BP monitoring intervals over 24 hours customizable overnight interval stores up to 250 recordings in flash memory

  • Measures diurnal variation in BP. Blood pressure falls in the first few hours of sleep until a surge in the morning hours with onset of waking. Usually a 10-20% difference between awake and asleep BP. If the difference is <10% this is a non-dipping pattern


sleeping with BP monitor
BP results table
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