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General Medical and Cardiology Consultations


the patient comes first

This is the equivalent of a surgeons operation. The consultation begins with
a careful and detailed account of the symptoms and associated background
to the condition. Associated illnesses are reviewed as well as the medications and family history. You will then be physically examined from top to toe, with more in depth examination as your condition requires. You have the right to ask for a chaperone during any part of this proceeding. Following the assessment a formulation of possible diagnoses and their further investigation will be presented and discussed with you. Further appointments will then be made if required. A copy of the in-depth letter to your general practitioner will be forwarded to you as well.

What is a General Physician?


They are the decathletes of medicine practicing the ultimate specialty. Patients often have more than one health problem, and it is the ability to bring a broad knowledge, experience and skill base to integrate the diagnosis and management of new and existing conditions and treatments, in particular to co-ordinate and manage the myriad interactions, that distinguishes the general physician. There will be times the general physician will call upon their subspecialty colleagues for their highly focussed in depth skills in managing one aspect of the patients medical care, but it is the general physician who maintains the overview of the patients medical health. In much the same way, the general practitioner maintains an even greater view of the patient's entire physical, mental, family, community and employment health.


The role of the general physician is by definition and practice broad, on the one hand they are a resource professional to integrate the complex investigations and management pathways for a patient, both directly and indirectly by providing advice to our general practitioner colleagues. On the other hand, they are teachers, tutors and mentors to a wide range of health professionals, ranging from medical student to specialist in training registrar to nursing and allied health colleagues. We participate in community health and rehabilitation programs. Nowhere is the role of general physician more exemplified than the provincial practitioner who is often multi talented and multi skilled to provide a level of care and procedural investigational ability at the same standard as provided by our more narrow focussed and highly resourced city cousins.

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