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Fence by Stan Wong


You may have noticed the new fence by Stan Wong, my Dad. He said don't retire too early so he just keeps on working. He made all the palings himself from lengths of 4x1 and hand cut the pointed caps. Each picket is double checked by spirit level and string line for true vertical and dead flat even tops. 

AliveCor ECG

maunu fence 1.jpg
Alive Cor ECG
  • With the addition of a special adaptor to a standard smart phone this can become a mobile ECG rhythm strip monitor

  • For difficult to diagnose arrythmias we have a limited number of devices available

Christmas 2022

Another year! and over 800 cards again!

xmas cards 2018.jpg

And come 1st December..

2022 xmas post edit 1205_210259 (1).jpg
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