phone lines now functional but fax discontinued

We have had a sudden loss of communication services at the clinic and apologise for the disconnected phone/fax and internet lines. We are working frantically with vodafone help desk.


We have made a breakthrough today 29/07/21 and hope to at least have a phone redirection in place by after midday 30/07/21 - Brandon

AliveCor ECG

Alive Cor ECG
  • With the addition of a special adaptor to a standard smart phone this can become a mobile ECG rhythm strip monitor

  • For difficult to diagnose arrythmias we have a limited number of devices available

Christmas 2020

Another year! and over 700 cards again!

xmas cards 2018.jpg

And the cookies of course! For those of you that ask its origin...

xmas cookies rack.jpg

And come 1st December..