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Services and Fees

  • Initial Consultation  $357

  • Follow-Up Consultation $175

  • Exercise Treadmill Test  $295

  • 24 Hour BP Monitoring  $299

Services and Fees

  • Echocardiogram $475

  • Holter Monitor $299

  • Event  Monitor $299

  • Exercise Stress Echo $883

  • Spirometry $114

General Medical and Cardiology Consultations


This is a detailed, thorough review and examination of your illnesses with then a plan for their investigation and treatment.


  • Thorough and Detailed

  • Comprehensive

  • Detect interactions between different illnesses

  • Detect interactions between medications and treatments

Echocardiogram (Echo) and Stress Echo


Echo is the use of high frequency ultrasound to generate images of
the heart and the flow of blood within. It can assess the structure and function of the heart.


the Exercise Stress Echo is a test of heart function by making the

heart exercise, typically on a motorized treadmill accompanied
by monitoring of your heart rate, blood pressure, ECG tracings.
Speed and slope gradually increase every three minutes, but the
level of exercise is usually no more strenuous than a brisk walk.


  • Non-invasive. No needles!

  • Immediate results

  • Happens in real time

Exercise Stress Testing 


The motorized treadmill allows a gradual walking stress to be applied to the heart while it is monitored with blood pressure, pulse rate and ECG recordings.


  • Simple and widely available

  • Standardised and reproducable 

  • Relatively quick to perform

Holter Monitoring


This is a very small ECG (electrocardiogram) monitor that you wear for 24-48 hours during which time your heart rhythm is recorded continuously.


  • Lightweight and unobtrusive

  • Not bulky like other models

  • Personally analysed by Dr Brandon Wong

  • Reports available immediately

  • High fidelity digital recordings



This is a device that measures the amount and speed of air exhaled and from the lungs.


Ambulatory BP Monitoring


A light and compact device that can measure your blood pressure profile over 24 hours to aid in the diagnosis and management of your hypertension.

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