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About us

Welcome to our patient-centric cardiology clinic, led by Dr. Brandon Wong. With a focus on personalised care and open communication, we prioritise your cardiovascular health and well-being. From precise diagnoses to tailored treatment plans, our clinic utilises advanced technology and evidence-based practices to provide high-quality care. Trust us to put you first on your journey to optimal heart health.

Dr Brandon Wong FRACP

Dr. Brandon Wong is a highly accomplished General Physician with extensive experience in various sub-specialities.

He completed his medical education at Auckland Medical School and went on to train as a registrar in the Auckland training scheme. With a specialisation in Echocardiology, Dr. Wong furthered his expertise as an Echo Fellow at Sydney's St. Vincent's Hospital.

He has held positions as a General Physician/Coronary Care Physician and played a pivotal role in establishing top-notch Echocardiography, Coronary Care, and Medical Outreach services.

Dr. Wong is recognised for his contributions to medical education and holds positions as an examiner, lecturer, and instructor in resuscitation and emergency care. His unwavering commitment to exceptional patient care is evident in his work.

Our team

At our clinic, we understand the significance of teamwork in providing comprehensive care. Our skilled nurse and proficient transcriptor work collaboratively, combine their expertise to ensure accurate documentation and seamless patient care.


167 Maunu Road, Horahora, Whangārei, 0110
New Zealand 

(09) 438 8073

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